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I've been fortunate to work with some of Hollywood's most legendary talents, including actors Alfre Woodard, Tom Cruise, James Caan, Benicio del Toro, Kathy Bates, Robin Williams, and Denzel Washington; as well as for such premiere film directors as Peter Weir, Robert Zemeckis and Christopher McQuarrie.

Julius Caesar


A unique opportunity

In 2017, my dear friend and Dead Poets alum James Waterston invited me to join a touring production of Julius Caesar - in the title role.


A bloody death

I spoke some of Shakespeare's finest verse and was summarily executed every night on stages in Rennes and Brest, France.


A lasting memory

I owe James a great deal for giving me an experience I will never forget, and a role that I will cherish having played forever.

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A full list of my film and television credits can be found here.

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